01. Many of our [clients] have come to us by way of the recommendation of a friend.
02. Their jewelry store caters to a very rich [clientele].
03. She has been a valued [client] of our company for years.
04. The office sent Christmas cards to all its [clients].
05. A lawyer must defend his [client] to the best of his ability even if he himself doubts his innocence.
06. The Bay is the biggest [client] for our lawn and garden furniture line.
07. We have found a lot of new [clients] through our advertising on the Internet.
08. Robert Frost once said that a jury consists of twelve people who determine which [client] has the better lawyer.
09. You are going to lose business if you continue to treat your [clients] in such a poor manner.
10. Unlike other organizations, public schools have no say in the selection of [clients].
11. Advertising on the Internet has allowed us to attract an international [clientele], and business has expanded dramatically as a result.
12. When Jennifer moved out of the salon downtown, and opened up her own hairstyling business, most of her [clients] followed her.
13. The university president refers to the students as [clients] who must be given the best service possible.
14. Princess Diana was probably the most famous [client] of the Harrod's department store in London.
15. In order to improve our business, we need to try to think like our [clients].

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

, , / (of counsel), (by counsel)

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